Provisional measure defines new rules for food aid

Provisional measure defines new rules for food aid

The provisional measure establishing new rules for food aida benefit that is paid to formal workers, was published today (28) in the Official Gazette of the Union (DOU). The standard also includes provisions on teleworking and other labor rules, announced on Friday (25) by the government.Provisional measure defines new rules for food aid

The MP defines that food aid must be used “exclusively for the payment of meals in restaurants and similar establishments or for the purchase of foodstuffs in commercial establishments”.

The new rule is intended to close any loopholes in legislation that allow the benefit to be used for other purposes, after the government has identified the use for a service such as paying for TV subscriptions, among others.

The MP also prohibits the discount, whether for the contracting party or for the contracted party, on the value to be transferred to the workers of a company. The practice is known as “negative rate” in the market, and is widely used by food allowance card providers, who offer discounts to win contracts.

With the measure, the government intends that the prices of meals and food will be reduced, since the cost of the discount is offset by higher rates on establishments, which in turn pass the values ​​on to the final consumer.

The practice of “deviation of purpose” of the food allowance is now also subject to a fine of R$5,000 to R$50,000, which can be doubled in case of recurrence.

The provisional measure, signed by President Jair Bolsonaro, is effective until May 26. The term is automatically renewed for another 60 days, if Congress does not approve the MP within the term.

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