Prouni: about 30% of those pre-selected used the Enem 2020 grade

Prouni: about 30% of those pre-selected used the Enem 2020 grade

About 30% of the students pre-selected in the first call of the Universidade Para Todos (Prouni) Program are candidates who used the 2020 Enem scores. According to the Ministry of Education, of the 188,127 pre-selected candidates in the first call, 55,269 used the Enem 2020 grade and 132,858 Enem 2021 grade.Prouni: about 30% of those pre-selected used the Enem 2020 grade

In addition to these, other students who took the Enem 2020 can be pre-selected, both in the second call of Prouni, whose result will be announced on March 24, as well as through the waiting list.

All pre-selected candidates must observe the deadlines to present the documentation that proves the information declared at the time of registration. The deadline is March 14th. After analyzing the documentation, which must be delivered to the institution for which the student was pre-selected, the candidate will know whether or not you have been approved for the scholarship.


In all, 544,755 candidates applied for this edition of Prouni, which offered a record number of scholarships: 273,001, of which 181,036 were full scholarships and 91,965 partial scholarships, which covered 50% of the course’s monthly fee. The distribution of this higher number of full scholarships was observed in 23 states and the Federal District.

Of the 19,584 courses with scholarships offered for this edition, the ten that had the highest number of enrollments were, in this order: medicine; right; nursing; psychology; management; physiotherapy; pedagogy; dentistry; PE; and biomedicine.

In all, 1,085 private higher education institutions, in all states and the Federal District, offer scholarships via Prouni. The five states with the highest number of scholarships offered were: São Paulo; Minas Gerais; Paraná; Rio Grande do Sul; and Bahia.

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