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Prosecutor’s Office requests 10 years in prison against Tomás Bravo’s great-uncle for abandonment resulting in death

The Public Ministry presented last Tuesday the accusation against Tomás Bravo’s great-uncle, Jorge Escobar, the only defendant in the case. In this sense, he requested 10 years in prison against him.

The regional prosecutor Marcela Cartagena presented the accusation in the case of Tomás Bravo, requiring the victim’s great-uncle, Jorge Escobar Escobar, to be brought to trial.

The presentation was made ad portas of the ten-day period that he had since the closure of the investigation and the reformation, after dismissing the homicide charge that the Public Ministry maintained for two years, but without being able to gather further information that could convince the courts. of Justice.

The new formulation of charges, denounced as illegal and arbitrary, is the one that supports the amparo appeal reviewed last Tuesday by the Court of Appeals of Concepción. The legal action is parallel to the request to reopen the investigation.

While the appellate court left the ruling for the amparo pending, which will decide whether to annul or maintain the reform, the reopening of the investigation into the disappearance and death of the child Tomás Bravo will be resolved in a hearing set for next Wednesday, March 29. in the Guarantee Court of Arauco.

It should be remembered that Jorge Escobar, Tomás Bravo’s uncle, was reformed for the crime of abandonment of a minor resulting in death. This, after the evidence collected failed to prove his participation in the murder of “Tomasito”.

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