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Petrobras reduces diesel prices for distributors

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Petrobras announces a R$ 0.18 reduction in gasoline for distributors

The average sale price of diesel A from Petrobras to distributors will be lower as of this Thursday (23). With the reduction of R$ 0.18 per liter, the value will go from R$ 4.02 to R$ 3.84 per liter.

In a note, Petrobras informed that its share in the consumer price will be, on average, R$ 3.45 for each liter sold at the pump, after considering the mandatory mixture of 90% diesel A and 10% biodiesel for the composition of diesel sold at gas stations.

According to the company, the main reasons for the retreat are the maintenance of the competitiveness of its prices “in front of the main supply alternatives of our customers and the necessary market share for the optimization of refining assets”.

The oil company also highlighted that in setting prices it preserves competitiveness, but avoids passing on frequent changes in the international market. “Aware of the importance of its products to Brazilian society, the company emphasizes that when setting its prices, it seeks to avoid passing on the volatility of the international market and the exchange rate, while preserving a healthy competitive environment under the terms of current legislation. ”.

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