Prosecutor's Office orders Fospuca to be investigated for the case of felling trees in Chacao

Prosecutor’s Office orders Fospuca to be investigated for the case of felling trees in Chacao

For months, the systematic disappearance of trees has been evident in Chacao and in other municipalities of Greater Caracas.

The prosecutor appointed by the now defunct constituent assembly, Tarek William Saab, reported that the 86th prosecutor with national jurisdiction was appointed to investigate the private garbage collection company, Fospuca, for alleged participation in the felling of trees within the Chacao municipality of Miranda state.

Saab, in their social mediaassured that this practice is violating the human right to the environment.

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For several months, both in Chacao and in other municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Caracas, the felling of trees has been evident, progressively changing the vision of a city that is increasingly devoid of its green sign.

In November 2021, a work published in SuchWhich realizes the concern on the part of the population due to severe pruning and felling of trees. Some activists denounce that the authorities have not only ignored it but are promoting it and demanding an end to deforestation that threatens the ecosystem of a city known for its climate and its greenery.

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Deforestation is present in the five municipalities, streets and avenues on a different scale and has been like this for decades, “but in the last five years the loss of urban trees has become very evident,” says Cheo Carvajal, director of the NGO Ciudad Laboratorio .

Carvajal also insisted that it is important to carry out and maintain a technical and systematic maintenance treatment for trees, which guarantees their presence and minimizes the risks of living with this fundamental element for cities.

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