ARBA detected three 0km tractors and 500 tons of cereal transported without documentation

ARBA detected three 0km tractors and 500 tons of cereal transported without documentation

So far, ARBA inspectors controlled 837 trucks

The Collection Agency of the province of Buenos Aires (ARBA) detected the irregular transport of three 0 km tractors without documentation and almost 500 tons of cereals, within the framework of the control operation of the grain trade that it carries out in different points of the Buenos Aires territory.

Sources from the collecting agency confirmed that vehicles that were transported illegally They were detected in the control actions arranged on Km 106 of Route 205, at the height of the town of Lobos.

The machines, which were heading from General Rodríguez to the south of the province, they are valued at US$145,000 each, which is equivalent to an irregular charge of $50 million, approximately.

During the control operation undertaken by the Agency, within the framework of the heavy harvest, irregularities were also detected in the transport of cereals.

Until now, ARBA inspectors controlled 837 trucks, where around 490 tons of irregularly transported cereals were detected for an amount amounting to $83,000,000.

In detail, 109.5 tons of corn were found for a total of $3,518,070; also 225.5 tons of soybeans for $15,742,701; 28 tons of sunflower for $1,874,040; 29.8 tons of wheat for $1,158,717, and 95 tons of malting barley for $3,175,825.

The control of grain trucks is being developed in locations such as Chivilcoy, General Villegas, Lobos, Pergamino, Rojas, Tres Arroyos and Bahía Blanca, as well as in Estación Olivera, Ramallo, Vedia, Colón, Junín, Pehuajó, Tornquist, Zárate; and in the ports of Quequén (Necochea) and Ingeniero White (Bahía Blanca).

The operation will last until the first days of May.

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