Prosecutor's Office opens investigation against Perupetro for oil spill in Lot 192 of Loreto

Prosecutor’s Office opens investigation against Perupetro for oil spill in Lot 192 of Loreto

After verifying the spill of crude oil in Lot 192, in the district of Tigre, province and region of Loreto, the Specialized Prosecutor for Environmental Matters (FEMA) – Nauta Headquarters, decided to open an investigation against the company Perupetro for alleged pollution crime environmental.

Prosecutor FĂ©lix Alberto Castro Valderrama, head of the investigation, indicated that Perupetro is in charge of the batch in question, for which it has initiated the pertinent legal actions to determine the causes of the spill.

The responsibility of the state company in the maintenance of the infrastructure, based on compliance with the rules and regulations on hydrocarbons, is also being investigated.

When did this new oil spill occur?

The Loreto FEMA became aware –on March 4– of an oil spill coming from well 1, of the San Jacinto battery, Lot 192, in charge of Perupetro.

He then coordinated with the Environmental Assessment and Enforcement Agency (OEFA) to travel to the 12 de Octubre community, located on the banks of the Tigre River, in order to verify the information.

“During the diligence –which lasted approximately seven days, due to the time required for the transfer to the area, near the border with Ecuador–, Deputy Prosecutor Wesley Pizango Sias, verified the affectation of soil, vegetation and water with oil, which was present in a perimeter of 2103 m2 around well 1″, indicated the Prosecutor’s Office.

Subsequently, the prosecution coordinated with the OEFA the submission of the initial and final reports of the company Perupetro SA, the public supervision report and the laboratory results of the samples collected during the diligence.


The magistrates approved the habeas corpus presented by a lawyer to annul the decision that went against the pardon of the former president.

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