Prosecutor's Office opened 200 investigations against the Public Force for abuses during the National Strike

Prosecutor’s Office opened 200 investigations against the Public Force for abuses during the National Strike

The attorney general of the nation, Margarita Cabello, announced that it has opened about 200 investigations in the development of the process that is being carried out against the Public Force for alleged excess of his functions in the development of the national strike.

In an interview with the newspaper El Espectador, The official indicated that some investigations have been taken from the Police for preferential power, and that at this time it has opened 86 inquiries, 94 disciplinary processes, and three statements of charges.

Attorney Margarita Cabello, affirmed that indeed “there were excesses of the Public Force during the strike.”

When being investigated by the bombings that have occurred in this government and in those who have died minors, he said that for these events there are three inquiries and a request to the military forces for the details of the protocol that was fulfilled before starting the bombing. “For the Attorney General, everyone under the age of 18 must be protected by the constitution and by us,” he said.

In the interview with the newspaper, the prosecutor commented that “No one can guarantee 100% that there are no minors in a bombing. But the military forces must guarantee maximum compliance with the protocols to avoid this risk. There are always some minutes and a preparation process for the bombings and we need this documentation to see that there was the necessary rigor ”.

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Regarding the investigation of the Mintic case, Margarita Cabello, indicated that “the investigation has already been opened in front of Mintic officials and, as we did all the evidentiary part, we are going to set a date for trial. We notify the parties to release them. We called the Secretary General of the Ministry, Adriana Meza; the technical director of infrastructure, Camilo Jiménez; to the deputy director of contract management, Sandra Orjuela, and to the legal representative of Centros Poblados, Luís Fernando Duque.

Cabello, also referred to the case of Martha Sepúlveda and on the right to die with dignity. He stated that “the decisions of the constitutional court, although the full content is not known, produce efficacy from the moment they were taken and notified. I would like to clarify that, because there were doubts and some entities said that it was not like that. As Attorney General I have to enforce the decisions of the Constitutional Court, which determined that it was no longer enough that there was a terminal illness, rather, the possibility of applying euthanasia with the conscious will of the affected person could be allowed when it generates intense suffering, be it physical, mental or of another nature “.

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