Harry Chávez

Prosecutor’s Office “fabricated evidence” against political prisoner Harry Chávez, family members denounce

The evidence that the Prosecutor’s Office offers -according to the file that “with difficulty” defense lawyers physically read- to point out the political prisoner Harry Chávez for violating the Sovereignty and Cybercrime laws “are false”, affirms Camilo Chávez, son of the prisoner of conscience, in an interview with the program Tonightbroadcast on Facebook and YouTube by the television censorship of the Daniel Ortega regime.

“They put him in prison for a crime that they are inventing, something he never committed, they say he made a publication on his social networks about the Renacer Law, which he supposedly did months before his capture, I don’t remember what month, but he never He published that because he was careful with the use of his social networks, “he said.

A relative consulted by CONFIDENTIAL revealed that Chávez, during the initial hearing held two weeks after his capture andl November 6, 2021asked his defense to show the judicial authority that “I have not published anything, that they check my Facebook account.”

“He was disconcerted that they accused him of inciting the application of sanctions to the Government with the Renacer Law, because he never published anything about it,” he said.

Chávez, 64, is an economist by profession and, according to his family, he was never part of any opposition organization and had not received threats or surveillance from the Police or civilians, so they do not understand “where or why.” what” come those accusations.

They explain that until 2017 he served as coordinator of the Electoral Program of the Institute for Development and Democracy (Ipade), but that he was already retired by the time the Ortega regime -in December 2018- ordered to cancel the legal status of that and seven others. organizations.

Chavez requires dental care

The prisoner of conscience is currently in the Jorge Navarro Penitentiary System, known as La Modelo, and, although he does not suffer from chronic problems, he requires specialized medical care for dental problems that he has developed.

“Since the first visit, which he had in November, in which our relative who visited him was asked to sign a paper, stating that he was fine, they were told that this document would not be signed because he had not been led them to check a problem that has developed in their teeth, but nothing they do, “they denounced.

They also pointed out that, after almost three months of detention, Chávez has lost about ten pounds in weight, as has happened with other political prisoners who are incarcerated in the cells of El Chipote.

“Before he had his belly, his rolls on his back, he was tough, and now he looks all kneaded, he has lost weight, perhaps not because they don’t let him eat, but because of the conditions, the unhealthy foods they have to eat , the theft of his packages by some common inmates, the diarrhea that he sometimes gets, in short, because of the inhumane prison conditions he is suffering,” they lamented.

His son emphasizes that the family’s demand is “immediate freedom”, reiterating that his father “is innocent”. He also indicated that they are part of the group of relatives of political prisoners who have requested the Government, the active forces of the country and the Church -through a joint statement- a “citizen unification process”, in order to achieve the freedom of the more than 170 prisoners of conscience that are in the different prisons of the country.

“We believe that it is what has to be done, to put pressure, to press for them to open up to dialogue, despite the fact that it is difficult for them to accept, we know that things are going to improve soon, one has hope”, he affirmed.

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