Prosecutor Jorge Abbott clarifies that “it is not enough” for Héctor Llaitul to attribute crimes to formalize it

“The confession in our criminal justice system has no value in terms of being ultimately used against the person.” This was the response of the National Prosecutor to the statements of Héctor Llaitul, who admitted that the Arauco Malleco Coordinator (CAM) is part of what he called “wood recovery” with the aim of obtaining “resources to defend the Mapuche communities.” .

Llaitul’s statements — which motivated parliamentarians to request the prompt arrest of the Mapuche leader — occurred prior to the Government announcing the expansion of the State Security Law lawsuits against him and hardening the tone, summoning the Prosecutor’s Office to act .

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Prosecutor Abbott argued that in order to arrest a person, it is not enough to attribute a conduct, but it is necessary to gather the background that allows the fact to be proven. “The Public Ministry, in short, has to gather additional information, because effectively the recognition of a fact, with respect to a person, can give rise to proceedings being ordered to be able to establish the existence of that fact and the participation of the person. “explained the persecutor.

The head of the Public Ministry assured that “it is not enough simply for someone to attribute a behavior to himself so that the Public Ministry can immediately make a decision to formalize an investigation that requires much more background than that simple statement.”

It is worth mentioning that the Minister of the Interior and Public Security, Izkia Siches, assured that what Llaitul declared “is not new information” and that it was contemplated in the expansion of the State Security Law complaint that was announced against him on 27 last July.

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