Lula promises creation of ministries for indigenous people and small businesses

Lula promises creation of ministries for indigenous people and small businesses

Candidate for the Presidency of the Republic by the PT, Lula was in Belo Horizonte tonight (18) at a campaign rally. In his speech, he defended the creation of the Ministries of Racial Equality, Small Business, as well as a ministry for indigenous peoples. He also stated that the minister of this portfolio will be an indigenous person.Lula promises creation of ministries for indigenous people and small businesses

“We will tell the indigenous people, there will be no more illegal mining on your land. Get ready, indigenous people of Brazil, because I’m going to create the Ministry of Native Peoples. And an indigenous person, or an indigenous woman, will be a minister in that country. Get ready, because Funai [Fundação Nacional do Índio] will no longer be directed by a white of green eyes. It will be led by an indigenous woman or man,” Lula said.

The PT candidate for the Presidency of the Republic also said that he intends to “rebuild” other ministries if he is elected.

“Get ready, we are going to rebuild the Ministry of Racial Equality. We are going to rebuild the Ministry of Women, the Ministry of Small Business. Prepare yourself more, because more will happen in this country”.

The former president, who is trying to return to the Planalto Palace after 12 years, also ruled out any possibility of privatizing public banks, the Post Office and Petrobras.


“We are going to recover Brazilian industry and Petrobras will not be privatized. Banco do Brasil will not be privatized, Caixa Econômica will not be privatized, BNDES [Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social] will not be privatized. These public banks will be at the service of the development of that country. And the Post Office will not be privatized either. This country must return to the hands of men and women who know how to build”.

Lula spoke for about 20 minutes in the capital of Minas Gerais, extolling the achievements of his government, such as the fall in inflation, the payment of foreign debt, in addition to investments in education, such as the creation of technical schools. “For us, investing in education, in secondary education, is not an expense, it is an investment. It is profit for this country, which takes care of its youth. That’s why I’m coming back.”

The rally was held at Praça Estação, in Belo Horizonte. On the platform were, in addition to Lula, the candidate for vice president of the PT ticket, Geraldo Alckmin (PDB), the candidate for the government of Minas Gerais, Alexandre Kalil (PSD), the candidate for vice governor of Minas Gerais, André Quintão (PT); Senator Alexandre Silveira (PSD); and federal deputy André Janones (Avante). This was Lula’s first rally since the official start of electoral campaigns for the 2022 elections.

This Friday (19), Lula does not have any public campaign events. He will make recordings for his electoral program in São Paulo. The radio and TV election campaign starts on the 26th of this month and runs until the 29th of September.

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