Proposals promoted by Minseg are still pending approval in the Assembly

Waiting for the deputies in the National Assembly to make a decision regarding the discussion of the bill that creates the criminological policy in Panama and another related to the extinction of domain in the country, is the Ministry of Public Security.

The Vice Minister of Public Security, Ivor Pittí, pointed out that both initiatives are important and that they hope they can pass in this period.

The bill that creates the criminological policy in Panama passed its first debate this week, while the proposal on domain extinction is still stalled in the Government Commission of the National Assembly. The current legislature of the ordinary session period in the Legislative Branch formally ends on April 30.

The official recalled that the criminological policy seeks transversal actions among all State institutions to attack crime in a multifactorial way, see organized crime as a phenomenon and attack it with all the tools that the State may have. Regarding the asset forfeiture law, Deputy Minister Ivor Pittí specified that it is required to reach out to criminal organizations in terms of funds and sources of financing to continue committing crimes.

“Previously it has been proposed and for some reason it has been backed down. There are definitely many people who do not like the law because it is definitely a law that goes directly against organized crime and criminals, but those people who act well and do things properly should have zero fear of a law like this, so let’s hope that those who decide that approve them because they have nothing to fear, “emphasized the Vice Minister of Public Security.

With information from Sergio Rivera.

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