Father Edwing Román recalls the "excessive repression of the dictator Ortega" that filled Masaya with mourning in 2018

Father Edwing Román recalls the “excessive repression of the dictator Ortega” that filled Masaya with mourning in 2018

The priest Edwing Román, who was in charge of the San Miguel Arcángel de Masaya parish until the end of 2021, recalled the work that was carried out from that church in favor of the victims of the civic rebellion that began in April 2018.

«This is how we started the provincial medical dispensary in the parish —San Miguel—; a few medical supplies on a table, a stretcher, 16 young paramedics, a priest and a sheet of plywood », the religious wrote on his Twitter account.

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He affirmed that the voluntary medical assistance was for “those murdered in the streets of Masaya” due to instructions from the “dictator (Daniel Ortega) who ordered to repress and kill in April 2018.”

According to human rights organizations, only in the city of flowers the repression by the Ortega dictatorship left a balance of 38 fatalities, whose crimes continue in impunity.

Priest continues to demand justice

In recent days, when the four years of the civic rebellion are commemorated, the priest from the municipality of Niquinohomo continues to demand justice from exile in the United States.

“He will do justice to the humble people, save the children of the poor, and crush the oppressor,” the priest quoted Psalm 72:4 along with a caricature of the San Sebastián Church in Masaya, which also became a bastion of the civic struggle in Nicaragua.

Father Edwing Román remembers his work in favor of the victims of the 2018 rebellion

Román is one of the most critical religious voices of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, which caused him to be subjected to siege, persecution, defamation and death threats by Sandinista sympathizers and the Police.

One of the most remembered actions in favor of the relatives of political prisoners was when the religious leader spent nine days locked up in the San Miguel church together with the mothers of political prisoners who were on a hunger strike demanding their freedom. That civic action was repressed by the Nicaraguan dictatorship who surrounded the parish and cut off basic water and electricity services.

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Currently, Father Edwing Román is together with Monsignor Silvio Báez at the Santa Agatha Church in Miami, United States. According to the priest, he has decided to postpone his stay in the North American country to protect his life.

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