Proposal is being studied to change the name of the Ministry of Labor and create the Worker Welfare Institute

Proposal is being studied to change the name of the Ministry of Labor and create the Worker Welfare Institute

The Labor Minister, Luis Miguel De Camps Garciaexpressed that, with the beginning of the dialogue table of the Labor Consultative Council, within the framework of the Dialogue for Reforms, proposals are being studied to modernize the Labor Code and at the same time improve the condition of Dominican workers.

Some of them are converting the Ministry of Labor at Ministry of Employment, Labor and Social Security and the creation of Worker Welfare Institute.

With the first, the functions that the institution provides to society would be expanded, and with the second, there will be a positive impact on the mental and physical health of Dominicans and an incentive to increase jobs formal.

According to a press release, De Camps García was the main speaker at the Business Meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (Amchamrd) in Higüey, where he argued that among the important points to be discussed in this dialogue between the employer, union and government sectors are the rights of workers, which, being a stabilizing element, must be respected.

“One of the reasons why there were no major bankruptcies and unemployment in the Dominican Republic during the pandemic was unemployment,” he added in his presentation entitled “Challenges for the future of work”.

In this sense, he called on the business sector to present proposals that can improve their cash flow and build consensual transformations that benefit all sectors.

Of his, Roberto Herrera, president of Amchamrdrecognized the Government’s initiatives to recover thousands of jobs affected by the pandemic.

A key point, as he pointed out, is the training of human talent, especially in the command of English to promote the possibilities of jobs in many sectors and investment opportunities, especially from US companies.

Herrera pointed out that it is necessary to bring the university and higher technical education closer to business, and the key role of Infotep in this work.

In that meeting, held in the Musabell event room, Frank Rainieri, president of the Board of Directors of Grupo Puntacana; Francesca Rainieri, member of the Board of Directors of Amchamrd; Senator Virgilio Cedano; the provincial governor, Martina Pepén; Rafael Barón Duluc, mayor of Higüey, among other personalities.

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