Progress announced on the next installment of the Pasto – Rumichaca road

Progress announced on the next installment of the Pasto – Rumichaca road

The Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure, headed by its executive president, Juan Martín Caicedo Ferrer, celebrated the financial closing, announced on the afternoon of September 6, of the Road Network of Valle del Cauca.

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The first project of the Bicentennial concessions, which managed to guarantee its financing, in this specific case for an amount of $1.5 billion, will build 310 km of roads in this strategic area of ​​the southwest.

For Caicedo, the news constitutes, on the one hand, the true takeoff of 5G and, on the other hand, it sends a message of confidence to the investment market, which sees in projects of this nature a great opportunity for diversification.

These sections correspond to Functional Units (UF) 3 and 4 of the project.


“We are pleased to receive the news of this financial closing, in which, it is worth saying, the National Development Fund participated with an item of $500,000. It is a very timely announcement that demonstrates the country’s commitment to the development and modernization of the national infrastructure,” said Caicedo Ferrer. In addition to the above, the president of the ICC took the opportunity to announce that on the side of the fourth generation 4G road concessions, comforting news also appears.

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The leader pointed out that before the end of the year, the PastoRumichaca road will start operatingwhose total length is 85 km and its investment of $2.5 billion. “If the panorama is encouraging on the 5G side, a similar situation occurs on the 4G side: the delivery, in the coming weeks, of the Pasto-Rumichaca highway could well become a historic event for the infrastructure of the southwest from the country. It would also be an early victory for the current government,” he said.

Finally, the union leader recalled that with the award, in recent months, of the initiatives included in the 5G program called trunk of Magdalena I and trunk of Magdalena II -the first between Puerto Salgar and Barrancabermeja, and the second between Sabana de Torres (Santander) and Curumaní (Cesar)- will put an end to the difficulties that for years occurred in the former Ruta del Sol, which slowed down connectivity between the center of the country and the Caribbean coast.

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