In the second stage of the constituent process, ex-conventional Patricio Fernández withdraws from the political arena because “the time has come for others”

The ex-conventional member for the Metropolitan region, Patricio Fernández, spoke with The Counter at La Clave on the resounding victory of Rejection over Approval in the constitutional plebiscite last Sunday.

In this sense, the former constituent member of the Socialist Collective listed the main advances that made up the proposal for a new Constitution and that should be reflected in this second constitutional process.

“The most valuable part of the process was embodied in five main axes. In my opinion, they are parity democracy; the new ecological standards in times of global warming; political decentralization, advancing in a better distribution of power, that advances not only in the territorial , but also towards spaces of direct democracy,” he said.

“Fourthly, the clear and distinct recognition of the cultural diversities that inhabit the interior of the country, which here took the form of plurinationality and which I hope will not slam the door on the idea that lives there, which is recognized that there are different traditions and histories that deserve respect and space for their own decisions, and that it is a way of solving the mega-conflict that we are experiencing today,” he added.

Finally, he highlighted “the transition to the social state of law, with guaranteed social rights, which is what can also give us a path of greater social cohesion and stability, social peace, towards the future”.

“I would like to believe that those five points are not going to be discarded,” he added.

On the other hand, asked about where he sees himself in this new stage of the constituent process, Fernández admitted that “I am writing away from the madding crowd, for anything that one can collaborate with in the public discussion here, we will be there.”

“With this conversation, I put a total end to my public participation until further notice in interviews, because I think the time has come for others,” he said.

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