Program for municipal development works launched

Program for municipal development works launched

President Luis Abinader led the launch ceremony for the program.
President Luis Abinader, the LMD and the DN mayor led the activity; they will invest RD $ 4,000 million

President Luis Abinader yesterday led the act of initiation of the Local Government Support Program together with the Dominican Municipal League (LMD), in which 4 billion pesos will be invested to be executed in various infrastructure works aimed at strengthening the municipal services in the territories and boost the local economy.

By offering the central words of the act, the head of state reported that the amount allocated for local works increases the municipal budget by 18% in projects that include the construction of markets, slaughterhouses, cemeteries, sidewalks and containers, among others.

“As you know, one of the central elements of our Government Program is the territorial axis, as a strategy to promote the coordinated action of the Central Government and the local governments of the country, to jointly respond to the needs of the entire population. “, He said.

He argued that throughout the past year and in his various trips around the country, he has had the opportunity to hear multiple requests, both from the population and from local authorities, regarding improvements to municipal infrastructure, for which he stated, that the program that began yesterday in a formal way, goes in that direction.

“As I have commented to you on several occasions, I am convinced of the role that local governments and their authorities have to develop, as bodies of the State closer to the people, to impact the living conditions of their municipalities, so they must have greater protagonism and decision-making capacity, having to be endowed with greater competences and resources. That is a challenge, a debt with the country, and for that reason we have assumed it as a goal in the National Multi-year Plan of the Public Sector ”, he pointed out.
The LMD will be the institution in charge of managing, in coordination with local governments, 800 million destined for the construction and renovation of markets, slaughterhouses, cemeteries; as well as an investment of 3,200 million for the construction of sidewalks and containments in a complementary way to the asphalting plan for public roads carried out by Public Works and Communications, as well as infrastructure works executed by the Presidential Commission for Provincial Development, INAPA, CAASD and others. national government entities. In parallel to the execution of local governments that meet the established requirements, the LMD will assist municipalities and municipal districts with a strengthening plan.

What will the investment in the demarcations be like?

The president of the LMD, Víctor D´Aza, explained that all the demarcations participate in equality and in proportion to the social reality and complexity of the management of their territories; In this sense, he highlighted that investment in sidewalks and containers will be governed by the following criteria: A first item equivalent to 33.33%, equally in all local governments, except those in which MOPC or any other central government entity has a starting item budgetary for such purposes; a second game of 33.33%, proportional to the amount of population; a third party of 33.33%, attending to the criterion of high need, demands and community requests.

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