Producers applaud an end to the blockades

Producers applaud an end to the blockades

January 17, 2023, 4:00 AM

January 17, 2023, 4:00 AM

Good news. This is how the productive sector took it when it found out about the suspension of the blockades that for several days mainly affected the highways of Santa Cruz.

Rafael Riva, Technical Manager of the Chamber of Exporters of Santa Cruz (Cadex), said that for productive activity no conflict is good.

Riva pointed out that can’t do number anymores, because the constant internal problems of Bolivia, to which must now be added those of Peru, have undermined the normal performance of international trade.

“Of course there are losses. There is the damage for not being able to meet a certain market. There is the damage to the trucks stranded in Peru. Export logistics have been damageds, an aspect that is beyond numbers”, observed Riva.

The poultry sector, both in Santa Cruz and Tarija, was relieved by the suspension of the pressure measures, although they objected to this measure being final, for which they were cautious.

Núe Morón, president of the Association of Horticulturalists and Fruit Growers of Santa Cruz (Asohfrut), regretted that social and political conflicts are increasingly recurrent in the department generating uncertainty among producers and causing the conditions for intermediaries to gain more strength in the marketing chain of vegetables, fruits and vegetables.

a negative scenario
For the economic analyst Germán Molina, the internal tensions that the country is suffering is not the best sign for people who seek to do business in a formal and constant way. For Molina, Bolivian producers and businessmen are citizens to be admiredBecause of the increasingly adverse conditions, they continue to do business, continue to sow, continue to add value to their production and are committed to exporting their surpluses.

Jhony Mercado, former president of the Bolivian College of Economists, criticized that the use of old strategies when carrying out protestsobserved that the blockade of the roads is an attack on the population as a whole and that it should not only be limited to the productive sector.

Mercado focused that when the roads are closed, those who are harmed are thousands of people who plan to travel for tourism, business, paperwork, visiting relatives or seeking medical attention.

“The damage is wide and widespread. Closing the roads is an extreme that unfortunately is naturalized in Bolivia and increasingly in the region,” observed Mercado.

Another of the sectors affected by the blockades is transport. On the subject, Alfredo Borja, president of the Bolivian Chamber of Transportation (CBT), stressed that the sector is not only affected by what is happening in Bolivia, but also by the blockades that are being carried out in Peru for several weeks.

Borja specified that it is increasingly difficult to be carriers in the country since the costs due to the blockades are greatly increased.

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