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Produce to face the food crisis, the call of Petro

Produce to face the food crisis, the call of Petro

Through social networks, the president-elect Gustavo Petro referred this Sunday to the world food crisis caused by food shortages that is generating global inflation.

(What to do in the face of the global food crisis?).

In one thread, President Petro highlighted the measures adopted by President Duque to regulate the export of meat, but he assured that it is necessary to go further and that “The fight against hunger must begin now.”

Petro, who will take office as president on August 7, also invited all owners of fertile land to produce. “If it is done, the government will accompany and protect them,” he added.

According to Petro, the climate crisis, drought and heat waves, in addition to the war over gas, condemn tens of millions of people to hunger and says that Colombia must talk and act on this situation.

“Growing food becomes essential”, highlighted the new president.


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