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Produbanco systems register intermittencies

La institución financiera no ha aclarado aún la dimensión del problema.

Although it is not a total failure, there are problems connecting to online services. The financial institution has not provided further details.

Through social networks, users of Produbanco have claimed that services online of the institution have presented faults throughout this November 8, 2021.

In some cases, the impossibility of making transfers or even problems at ATMs is reported. However, the financial institution has not explained the extent of the problem and whether it affects all customers.

Users like Marcos Hidalgo, for example, assured that even when going to make arrangements at the agency, the answer is that there is no system or intermittences prevent transactions.

The only response that has been published so far is a message generated automatically from the official Twitter account of the Bank:

«Good morning, we inform you that we are presenting technical problems in the communication equipment. Apologies for the inconvenience caused, we are working to solve them as soon as possible. Greetings”.

Users require in networks to communicate how long it will take for the complete reset of the services online; and also, that it be clarified if what happens is not an event similar to the hack suffered by Pichincha bank almost month ago. (JS)


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