Private flight platform in Argentina allows travel to Punta del Este for US $ 600

They met through work and created a plataform that unites all the offer of private flights in one place. Thus, he was born Cruxjets.

Juan Ignacio Graña had been working for an executive aviation company for years and, since 2018, he had been thinking about how to unite the entire offer of private flights -jets and charters- in one place. A year later, when he met the Aerolineas Argentina pilot, Gonzalo Núñez, he decided to tell him about his project and join him as a partner.

With about US $ 600 thousand of equity capital and a lot of experience in the aviation industry, Cruxjets was born, the first executive flight platform. This allows you to rent a jets and charters whole or by seat; a service that allows more people to travel and, at the same time, gives more return for executive flight companies.

“Until now, a complete plane had been rented. It was possible to do it by seat, but as an agreement between the parties”, explains Graña. In addition, it details: “Cruxjets makes it easy to compare services and prices. This means that many more people can access this type of service“.

Graña exemplifies with numbers: today A private jet to Punta del Este costs between US $ 5,400 and US $ 5,600 round trip, to official dollar in an eight-seat plane. The cost of a seat is about US $ 600, also to official dollar.

“In addition, our company – which does not charge for being on the platform but for sales – offers transportation of in and out from the airport and onboard service “adds the entrepreneur.

The firm hopes that the service level of the companies will improve (which are audited to verify that they have all the documents in order and are authorized to fly). Currently, the platform has some ten local firms in your “window”. These include: Fly Zar, Pacific Ocean, MD Fly and Baires Fly, among other. It has 200 aircraft with between 5 and 50 seats.

Cruxjets already has plans to expand into the region to countries such as Chile, Peru, Mexico and Colombia. “So far there is only a similar service, based in Brazil, but which offers aircraft by agreement,” Graña compares.

Business numbers

In the last year, private jet flights grew exponentially in Argentina. According to numbers from the agency that regulates them, between January and October 2017 there were 7 thousand operations; in the same period of 2020, 11,615 and in 2021, that number was 18 thousand flights.

“We estimate that the year will end with 20 thousand operations. Now comes the strong season, especially to Punta del Este and Florianópolis “, points out Graña, that expects to finish the first year of operation with 10% of the market.

And he details: “In winter, 60% are corporate to provinces such as Mendoza, Córdoba, Neuquén, Salta, Rio Negro.” In summer and the ski season, pro-tourism flights increase.

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