Private consumption in Mexico spins 10 months with growth

Private consumption in Mexico spins 10 months with growth

In the interior, the consumption of goods and services of national origin grew 0.85%, driven by the consumption of services that grew at a monthly rate of 1.44%.

Grupo Financiero BASE points out that the consumption of services is the only one that shows a lag compared to pre-pandemic levels, standing 0.75% below February 2020.

On the other hand, the consumption of goods grew only 0.18% monthly and already shows a growth of 4.36% above February 2020. Finally, the consumption of imported goods grew 1.47%.

Spending on goods of imported origin rose 22.8% and spending on national goods and services, 6.2% (services rose 11.3% and goods, 1.2%), indicated the Inegi.

The private consumption indicator measures the behavior of spending by resident households in the country on consumer goods and services, both domestic and imported. Home purchases or valuables are excluded.

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