El general Pablo Efraín Ramírez Erazo es el nuevo director del sistema penitenciario del Ecuador.

Prisons with a new director, who must ‘reshape’ the system

The SNAI It will be in charge of the pre-contractual and contractual process of the remodeling works in the prisons.

The general of the National Police District, on active duty, Pablo Efraín Ramírez Erazo is he new director of the National Service of Comprehensive Attention to Persons Deprived of Liberty and Adolescent Offenders (SNAI).

Remodeling of the prison system

In addition to the designation, the President Guillermo Lasso issued a Executive Order in which he delegates to SNAI the competences for contracting construction and remodeling works in the Social Rehabilitation System.

Therefore, Ramírez will be in charge of the restoration, adaptation, modification and incorporation of areas through pre-contractual and contractual processes. The objective of these provisions is to curb the wave of violence within the jails that this 2021 has left more than 300 prisoners killed, in massacres. (AVV)


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