Prisoners Defenders: Political prisoners in Cuba rise to 1,048

MADRID, Spain.- According to the NGO Prisoners Defenders (PD), the Cuban regime kept 1,048 people imprisoned for political reasons until April 30, the closing date of its most recent investigation. During the month of March, 24 new political prisoners were registered, the organization specified in its monthly report, shared this Thursday.

Of these 1,048 political prisoners: 784 are Convicted of Conscience 784; 234 Convicted of Conscience and 30 Other Political Prisoners.

Among these new political prisoners, cases of minors on the list surfaced in March, for which there are currently a total of 35 minors incarcerated, the document specifies.

Likewise, it denounces that several of these children are in prisons, presumably for minors, but they are completely penitentiary centers that are euphemistically called “Comprehensive Training Schools.”

While a total of 118 women (including several gender trans) are incarcerated.

“All trans women in prison of conscience have been and are incarcerated among men, which also happens with common trans prisoners, suffering situations, among men, indescribable for their sexual condition,” says the text in this regard.

On the other hand, Prisoners Defenders specified that 204 protesters have been accused of sedition and at least 202 have already been sentenced to an average of ten years in prison each.

In the period investigated, 42 political prisoners were released, “the majority after full compliance with the sanction imposed, but also a dozen after verifying, thanks to the receipt of some new sentences and procedural documentation, that the criminal proceedings against them were exchanged for an economic sanction”.

In its report, the NGO denounced that political prisoners in Cuba suffer judicial sentences or provisions to limit freedom by prosecutors without any judicial supervision or legal defense, in flagrant violation of international law that protects due process and effective defense. .

The Prionsers Defenders monthly report is sent to political, diplomatic and human rights defense spheres.

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