Prisoner mutiny reported in Cicpc dungeons in Acarigua

Prisoner mutiny reported in Cicpc dungeons in Acarigua

Non-governmental organizations report that detainees in the cells of the Cicpc Acarigua armed a riot demanding transfers to other prisons

The inmates of the dungeons of the Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc) of Acarigua, Portuguesa state, began a riot in the morning hours of Saturday, May 21, to demand that they be transferred to other prisons.

According to confirmations from family members to several non-governmental organizations, the detainees in cells 1 and 2 started the riot due to the overcrowding in which they are found, and threatened to radicalize their actions with a possible blood strike.

There are anti-riot commissions from the Portuguese State Police and the National Guard, as well as the city’s firefighters. In a joint operation, they try to restore order and security in the dungeons, indicated the NGO A Window for Freedom.

The relatives of the detainees denounce that some are sick and without visitation since the covid-19 pandemic began. According to the information who drives Newspaper Last Minute Digitalfamily members also request that their criminal cases be reviewed in order to opt for a procedural benefit.

They reiterated that the cells of the Cicpc Acarigua are collapsed since there are approximately 70 people behind bars, a figure that exceeds physical capacity. A Window for Liberty estimates about 100 inmates in an area with no toilets.

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It transpired that this prison action has so far left detainees and police officers injured, so confirmation from the competent authorities is awaited.

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