Lacalle Pou inaugurated Ana Monterroso de Lavalleja school facilities, in Mercedes

“It is the most important policy that a country can have, the training and education of its children, regardless of where they are born and where they live,” said the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, at the inauguration of the school no. 98. The investment in this full-time center, attended by 237 children, exceeds 73 million pesos.

The event, held this Friday 20, was also attended by the president of the Codicen (Central Board of Directors) of the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP), Robert Silva; the general director of Initial and Primary Education, Graciela Fabeyro, and the mayor of Soriano, Guillermo Besozzi.

Before making the classic ribbon cutting, Lacalle Pou, Silva and Besozzi gave the students a national coat of arms, made in the Primary workshops, a flag of Uruguay and those of Artigas and the Thirty-Three Orientals, which will be installed in the building facade. Then, the president toured the facilities of the center.

The head of the ANEP defined the instance as a reaffirmation of the republican value of education. “All governments, starting from the 20th century, from the Varelian reform, have opted for education as an element to strengthen democracy and the Republic”, he indicated.

He reported that a maintenance plan is being worked on to carry out works in the educational centers that require it and, to that end, he announced, 1,200 million pesos will be invested between 2022 and 2023.

He also referred to the changes in teacher training to give it a university level. “It is a historical debt that the country has with our professors and teachers. (…). The maximum quality of an educational system is related to the professionalism and training of its teachers”, he assured.

Meanwhile, Fabeyro explained that the inauguration of the center is part of the policy approved in the strategic guidelines of ANEP for this period, in which quality and conditions are combined, learning, teaching and working.

237 students attend the new school, which operates on a full-time basis, from 08:00 to 15:30, and they also receive classes in English, art, and physical education. The building covers an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters and includes nine classrooms, an office, a teachers’ lounge, a dining room, a kitchen, a pantry, a dental office and a sports field.


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