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Prison for a woman who tried to pass drugs to the Rocha prison

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The Rocha Justice sentenced a 34-year-old woman to prison who was arrested for trying to bring drugs into the Rocha prison.

The incident was reported by the Police Headquarters. rock who indicated that the woman’s arrest occurred when she was visiting the prison. Upon entering the Internment Unit for Persons Deprived of Liberty No. 22 of the National Institute of Rehabilitation the now condemned had to go through the different formal review steps. When the staff of said unit inspected it, it was detected that the woman was carrying narcotic substances hidden in one of her garments.

Upon closer inspection, the agents found two packages. In one of the packages there was a vegetable substance with the appearance of marijuana and in the other 19 doses of what appeared to be cocaine. Realizing this, the agents arrested the woman and left her at the disposal of the Zone I Investigation Area.

The case went to the orbit of the Prosecutor’s Office, who decided to charge the woman. Finally, after holding a hearing before the 2nd Turn Legal Justice, the detainee was sentenced for a crime of assistance to drug trafficking. In an abbreviated trial, it was agreed that she would serve a sentence of 20 months in prison.

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