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November 12, 2021
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Prime Minister Mirtha Vásquez: “We are seeking to strengthen the balance of powers”

Prime Minister Mirtha Vásquez: "We are seeking to strengthen the balance of powers"

The head of the Ministerial Cabinet, , stressed that the Government of President Pedro Castillo seeks to strengthen agreements and the balance of powers because it will serve – according to what he said – for “build a single vision”.

We are looking to strengthen certain aspects that I believe should also be a joint objective. Strengthening dialogue, the issue of seeking agreements and the balance of powers, which I never tire of saying – I am always raising that because I think that will help us – are fundamental elements to help us build a single vision. The actors have to be clear that our relationship must be more complementary and not more confrontational”, He expressed during his participation in the seminar organized by the School of Public Management of the Universidad del Pacífico.

In this government we are trying to create a vision that is as clear as possible, to put forward a work plan that shows that we can achieve these goals.“Added the prime minister.

Likewise, Vásquez Chuquilín stressed that the Executive intends to promote a national policy to fight corruption. The day before, the government sent Congress a package of legal and constitutional reforms to combat this kind of crime.

We want to propose a national policy of integrity, of the fight against corruption that would be important because it would allow us to have clear objectives, goals, and strategies. We are going to look at how we move it forward (…) We are in the midst of public management forced to think about the generation of public value, the fight against corruption and how we make more efficient use of resources”, He asserted.

That joint vision has not been built and there is much disenchantment of the citizen and mistrust that we can walk to this type of country, but that is not some kind of pretext to start changes and achieve a State that acts differently, better.”, He emphasized.

Vásquez sent official letter to minister for not going to commission on Camisea gas

On the morning of this Thursday 11, Mirtha Vásquez sent a letter to Eduardo González Toro, Minister of Energy and Mines, claiming that the absence of the official in the commission created to evaluate the renegotiation of the Camisea gas has prevented sessions from being held in three opportunities.

Your participation is vital for the proper development of the Commission’s tasks. However, I have learned […] that the last three calls to meet (for November 5, 9 and 11) have had to be rescheduled because your sector, the central actor in this matter, did not confirm its participation”The document reads.


Peru has more than a thousand typical costumes but President Pedro Castillo prefers to wear a Venezuelan costume.

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