Precios de todos los combustibles permanecen congelados

Prices of all fuels remain frozen

The Dominican Government reported this Friday that it maintains hydrocarbon prices unchanged at the level of March 4 of this year, for which they have allocated, just this week, a subsidy of 1,080 million pesosas reported by the Vice Minister of Internal TradeRamon Perez Fermin.

For the week from July 09 to 15, 2022, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MiPymes provides that the fuels remain frozen and are marketed at the following prices:

  • Premium gasoline will be sold at RD$293.60 per gallon, maintaining its price.
  • Regular Gasoline RD$274.50 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Regular Diesel RD$221.60 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Optimum Diesel RD$241.10 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Avtur RD$298.91 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Kerosene RD$338.10 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Fuel Oil #6 RD$192.11 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Fuel Oil 1%S RD$211.77 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) RD$147.60 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Natural Gas RD$28.97 per m3 maintains its price.

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Perez Fermin explained that the international price of WTI, a reference for our market, averaged US$104.40, for a new decrease, compared to last week, of 3.9%, which is moderately encouraging news.

The deputy minister also highlighted that the annual increase continues to be over 37.2%, mainly caused by the war in Ukraine, lasting more than 4 months, which hits the market, not only fuels, but also food, creating an unforeseen scenario. and hard for all the economies of the world.

With this extraordinary subsidy, the government once again assumes 100% of the increases, avoiding increases in LPG, for 5.14 pesos per gallon; in Premium Gasoline for more than 62 pesos; in the Regular for more than 70; in Regular Diesel for almost 82 pesos and Optimal for about 87 pesos per gallon.

The average weekly exchange rate is RD$54.92 of the daily publications of the Central Bank.

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