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Prices Care: starting tomorrow new foods and essential products are added

Prices Care: starting tomorrow new foods and essential products are added

Starting tomorrow, at least 60 new products will be added to Prices Care, fresh vegetables and basic supplies will be included and will apply to local businesses. It is possible thanks to an agreement between the Executive and different productive and distribution sectors.

The Secretary of Commerce assured that the program includes a complementary basket with mass consumption products such as food, beverages, personal hygiene items and household cleaning. Prices Care it has become an important tool to counteract the effect of inflation.

The initiative seeks to facilitate access to food, despite the recent increase in prices.

The Government stressed that Prices Care it was consolidated thanks to the goodwill of wholesale suppliers, self-service entities of Chinese origin, stores, supermarkets and other key items in the national market.

The initiative it will reduce the difference between the price at which the large supermarket chains dispense and the small local stores. Coordination between merchants and the Federal Council for Domestic Trade is key to proper price monitoring.

Prices Care allows stability in mass consumption products.

There will be monthly adjustments

The fruit and vegetable category will have monthly renewals, with prices and products updated in order to respect seasonality and that the offer is always fresh and of great nutritional quality.

For this month, the products and prices selections per kilo are: black potato at 49 pesos, onion at 69, round tomato at 199, nasturtium or Creole lettuce at 160 pesos, royal gala apple at 180 pesos per kilo.

The products can be found in local businesses.

The authorities clarified that this version of Prices Care seeks to promote seasonal consumption and the fruits and vegetables that are demanded by most families. In the AMBA (Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area) these products will be available at Walmart, Día, Jumbo, Changomas, Disco, Carrefour, Vea, Coto and Makro supermarkets.

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