Prestige of Cuba in new times of health and tourism

The new times draw an association between tourism and health beyond a strategic alliance, something that today Cuba, with its recognized prestige in the medical area, wants to take advantage of.

In the end it makes a lot of sense, because over time the world has known famous Swiss clinics and highly developed countries, which provide specialized care for various pathologies, ailments, addictions, aesthetics or simply programs to improve physical and mental states. of people.

Under these premises, Cuban Medical Services (SMC) arrives at the International Tourism Fair (Fitur) at IFEMA-Madrid with enough credentials to make its offers attractive. Much more after, even with a certain degree of underestimation, island scientists created three effective vaccines against Covid-19.

Dr. Iliana Reyes, head of sales at SMC, explained to Prensa Latina that the landing at Fitur is seasoned with a new line of work, based on the alliance between the Ministries of Public Health (Minsap) and Tourism (Mintur) of Cuba.

“We developed a health and wellness tourism strategy. We have 20 recently launched programs that promote quality of life and well-being in hotel facilities, mainly in the Meliá and Iberostar chains; and Gran Caribe, Cubanacán hotels and the Be Live chain are incorporated,” explained the official.

Our specialists in bioenergetic and natural medicine, in rehabilitation medicine and international experts in yoga, develop different programs for people who want to de-stress, immunological regulations, beauty and wellness programs in general, he added to another question from Prensa Latina.

Among our portfolio there are exclusive medical programs of Cuban therapies, associated with Cuban biotechnology products, such as those for lung, head and neck cancer, and for other types of cancer compatible with the immunological therapies we have, in vaccines or with antibodies. monoclonal, he specified.

Also plans for patients from Eastern and Western Europe for neurological, orthopedic rehabilitation, skin diseases, vitiligo and psoriasis, and booster vaccination for both pediatric and adult ages.

Accompanied by Dr. Víctor Felipe Tamayo, Vice President of Business at SMC, Reyes praised the excellence in confronting the Covid-19 pandemic, which reinforces Cuba as a safe destination, “which as a guarantee has more than 93 percent of the population vaccinated with at least one dose.

Both directors indicated that their work at Fitur also includes attention to sales agents in Spain with tour operator agencies; identify foreign investors for the development of Cuba as a thermal destination for quality of life centers, as well as the creation of hospitals and clinics in other territories with Cuban personnel and protocols.

Dr. Reyes said that in this edition of Fitur she has received the pleasant recognition of entities and people around Cuba’s confrontation with the pandemic and many want to incorporate the health product into their agendas in the leisure industry.

He explained that SMC has a processing and coordination center for health services in general, which is intertwined with all the units of the public health system that provide services in the largest of the Antilles.

We establish alliances with facilitators, in addition to the client who arrives directly through our mail, which are [email protected] or [email protected] for those interested in professional improvement, he said.

The patient sends us his medical history with all the information and based on this we respond with an offer with the rates; it is profitable for both parties, because we profess ethics, humanity and integrity, he stressed. He pointed out that the main markets are Canada (cosmetic surgery, spine orthopedics, cancer therapies and drug addictions); Turkey (various types of cancer); Eastern and Western Europe (cancer and quality of life and therapies); Argentina and Chile (neurological rehabilitation, ophthalmological diseases; the Anglophone and Francophone Caribbean; and Angola.

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