Presidential Tracking: Rodolfo Hernández wins after 10 days of measurement

Presidential Tracking: Rodolfo Hernández wins after 10 days of measurement

A few days before the second presidential round, RCN Radio takes stock of what was presidential tracking, a measurement system with the GAD3 consultancy that operated for ten days to find out the opinion of Colombians, on the next president of Colombia.

Precisely, the last delivery was registered this Saturday, June 11, hours before the electoral ban, where Rodolfo Hernandez makes a small difference to Gustav Petro.

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That being the case, the Presidential Tracking of this Saturday threw that Rodolfo Hernandez has a 47.9% in the intention to vote, while Gustavo Petro it has 47.1%.

In the face of the latest measurements, both the candidate of the League of Anti-Corruption Rulers, and that of the Historical Pact, have remained even, which predicts a true ‘photo finish’ next June 19.

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However, in the history of presidential tracking, Rodolfo Hernández wins with a very limited difference, of 3.1 percentage points, since when adding and averaging, the Santanderean achieves a 47.3% and Petro 44.2%.

It should be remembered that this measurement was carried out over 10 days, in which 5,236 interviews were carried out in Colombian territory. Now, everything will be defined next Sunday, dwhere Colombians will elect Iván Duque’s successor.

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