Presidential speech unleashes new confrontation with Governor Camacho

Presidential speech unleashes new confrontation with Governor Camacho

The weekend presidential speech on the works dressed in blue provoked a new confrontation with the Governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, who posted three tweets on his personal account criticizing the words of President Luis Arce.

“Luis Arce is a misplaced. He was elected to govern, not to use the money of the State and public works to play politics. The works must not have party colors, neither blue nor green. His expressions are signs of the poverty of morals with which he holds the position”, censored the first authority of the department this Monday.

On Sunday, in the municipality of Cotoca, the Head of State handed over government works and said that It will not be possible to paint the department green because the Government will paint Santa Cruz bluein direct allusion to the blue color of the MAS, party in function of Government.

Camacho reminded him of the latest problems with the producers from Santa Cruz to whom the government issued two warnings. First, the Minister of Economy criticized the businessmen for the salary increase ordered by the Government and then another Executive authority warned with the reversal of unproductive land.

“A public official cannot use the works who are paid with the money of the people to carry out partisan politics. In addition, President Arce is absolutely wrong if he thinks that with works painted blue, we Cruceños are going to overlook authoritarianism and the continuous aggressions that his government makes to the producers and workers of Cruceños, to civil liberties and to democracy” , points to the last two tweets.

The Government develops an unusual agenda for the delivery of works in Santa Cruz at a time when the country is going through a corn production crisis; although the Executive affirms that the intermediaries are causing an artificial conflict.

Arce and Camacho maintain a rocky relationship and so far there has been no intention for the two authorities to meet in a meeting. The Minister of Public Works, Édgar Montaño maintains an open confrontation with the Governor of Santa Cruz.

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