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Presidential badge of Euclides Acevedo and Jorge Querey made official

During a press conference held this morning, former Interior Minister and former Foreign Minister Euclides Acevedo announced Senator Jorge Querey as his vice-presidential candidate for the New Republic Movement.

In this way, the information that had already been circulating for a few days about the formation of this presidential tag is confirmed, after much uncertainty about who would be Acevedo’s running mate.

In his speech, the former minister cataloged Querey as a “combatant for social justice and a respectable professional, a man of a supportive team and a decent man,” thus highlighting who will be his duo in this electoral process.

As he said, this duo is not the result of political occurrence or spontaneity, but rather of “long hard work” and a programmatic agreement of the central axes to “get our country out of the dunghill in which it finds itself” .

Acevedo maintained that with Jorge Querey they want a unitary, inclusive and highly governable government to be achieved.

For his part, the senator from the Guasú Front and now a candidate for vice president stated that they are making a commitment “to transform this country,” emphasizing the need to work to overcome evils such as poverty and corruption.

He thanked his colleagues from the parties of the progressive sector of the Guasú-Ñemongeta Front and the political platforms that are part of the agreement.

The entrance Presidential badge of Euclides Acevedo and Jorge Querey made official was first published in diary TODAY.

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