Minister of the Interior made a fool of himself in Congress

Minister of the Interior made a fool of himself in Congress

The Minister of the Interior, , appeared yesterday before the Defense Commission of Congress to answer for the untimely changes made last Saturday in the high command of the National Police, but only showed a worrying lack of knowledge about the investigations involving President Pedro Castillo. In view of this, the APP and AvP benches have been promoting two interpellation motions against him.

“Who has pointed out the supposed criminal organization? I have not seen that the Prosecutor’s Office has pointed out this situation. The press has made its organization chart, but that is unfounded. I believe that the media are the ones that will determine who is guilty and who is not, ”said Huerta in one of his unfortunate interventions.

The head of the Mininter was unable to explain in detail why the changes were made just after the president demanded the dismissal of PNP Colonel Harvey Colchado. He limited himself to confirming that it was Castillo who requested the replacements, making use of the prerogative that empowers him. Likewise, he pointed out that PNP Lieutenant General Luis Alberto Vera Llerena, who just three months ago had assumed the General Command of the institution, was retired because “the objectives of citizen security were not being fulfilled in a programmed manner,” the same argument used by the head of state to expel then minister Mariano González from this portfolio after 16 days in office.

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In dialogue with Peru21González described as “unfortunate” the exposure of his successor. “He does not even know where he is standing,” he said when referring to Huerta’s ignorance regarding the investigations of the Public Ministry. “Criminal organization is the main hypothesis of the Prosecutor’s Office in all the cases that are being investigated. The only thing the press has done is transfer the fiscal hypothesis to public opinion, but it is not an invention of the press at all”, he asserted.

For González, Huerta repeated the pretexts used to remove him from office and warned that “who is actually operating everything in the Ministry of the Interior is Vice Minister Abel Gamarra.”

For his part, General Luis Vera Llerena revealed yesterday on RPP that he found out about his dismissal through a phone call and refuted the arguments put forward by Huerta.

“In these three months, management has been proactive. 230,000 operations were carried out and 52 criminal organizations were dismantled. During my administration, 35 tons of drugs were seized”, he pointed out. In this sense, Vera Llerena considered that he was expelled for defending the institution of the PNP. “We gave due support to the special team in the fight against corruption,” she added.

The former head of the Dircote José Baella stated in an open letter that “the exercise of power to achieve impunity is evident by the President of the Republic, the same one whose main objectives are to destabilize and weaken this team; and also to the police institution”. Along these lines, he urged the new PNP Command not to be subject to government mandates.


  • The PNP Inspectorate summoned Colonel Harvey Colchado for Wednesday to be notified of the complaint filed by President Pedro Castillo against him.
  • AvP’s interpellation motion already has 14 signatures, according to advances.


In Pedro Castillo’s first year, the economy was the sector most affected by the government’s erratic policies and messages. For analysts, the government’s mistakes will end up affecting the lives of all citizens.

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