Caixa starts paying the February installment of Auxílio Brasil

President sanctions MP that makes Auxílio Brasil of R$ 400 permanent

The President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, sanctioned the provisional measure that makes the Auxílio Brasil of R$400 a permanent benefit. the sanction was published today (19) in the Official Gazette. The federal government’s initial proposal foresaw that this amount would only be valid until December 2022. The parliamentarians, however, decided to make the amount permanent, and the text approved by the Senate, on the 4th, already made the R$ 400 floor permanent with the inclusion of a kind of complement to the value of Auxílio Brasil. Before, the benefit had an average ticket of R$ 224.President sanctions MP that makes Auxílio Brasil of R$ 400 permanent

Auxílio Brasil was the social program created by the government to replace Bolsa Família, created in 2003.

According to the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, the government spends around R$ 47.5 billion annually on the regular volume of Auxílio Brasil alone. The estimate is that the government will need to disburse another R$ 41 billion per year to fund the complementary amount to the benefit.

“Presidential sanction is important to make the Auxílio Brasil Program effective, making it perennial for society, mitigating the financial bottleneck related to the most needy”, said the ministry.

The extraordinary benefit becomes part of the set of benefits that make up the Auxílio Brasil Program. The secretariat informed that, for the total calculation of the benefit, the financial benefits of Auxílio Brasil for families in poverty or extreme poverty will be added: the early childhood benefit, in the amount of R$ 130 for families with children aged up to 3 incomplete years of age; the family composition benefit, in the amount of R$ 65 per month for families with pregnant women, breastfeeding women or people aged between 3 and 21 years old (the amount is paid once for each family member who fits into these situations); the benefit for overcoming extreme poverty, for families whose monthly per capita family income, even when adding the previous benefits, is equal to or lower than the extreme poverty line; and the transitional compensatory benefit, granted to Bolsa Família beneficiary families who have a reduction in the total financial value of the benefits received as a result of the inclusion in the new benefit structure.

The approved project also approved a 30% limitation on discounts on the amount paid monthly to families that receive closed-end insurance, in cases where there was undue payment of Auxílio Brasil during the first six months (with the accumulation of the two benefits).

The closed season insurance is paid to artisanal fishermen during the period of three to five months in which they cannot fish to preserve the species during the breeding season.

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