President of the FA will meet with Gerardo Núñez after court ruling for abuse

The president of the Broad Front Ferdinand Pereira and the deputy Gerardo Núñez (Communist Party) will hold a meeting this Monday after the court ruling against the legislator after a allegation of sexual abuseinformed political sources to The Observer.

The hearing took place this Friday at 10:30, where the family judge Karen Cuadrado ordered that Núñez attend a program for men who exercised gender violence. It could be the “Men who decide to stop exercising violence” service –of the Municipality of Montevideo–, the Domino Project or their medical attention service. The woman who reported having been abused by Núñez, ratified and expanded the complaint this Friday.

Núñez, like Pereira -as the official voice of the Broad Front-, will express themselves on the case after the meeting that both will have.

consulted by The Observer, Pereira preferred not to make previous statements. Meanwhile, the president of the Communist Party of Uruguay (PCU), Juan Castillo, said that Núñez will “timely” make a “public statement.”

The last time that the communist deputy expressed himself on the subject was on March 7: “Given the public dimension that an anonymous publication has taken on through social networks that is associated with me, I am obliged to appear before justice so that it is investigated as appropriate, remaining at its full disposal,” he wrote, via Twitter. Since then he took leave, until a court ruling was issued.

Fifty days later, Castillo told The Observer that Núñez had begun to resume political activity. “He has been resuming his tasks, both organically and in Parliament“, said the president of the PCU.


Judge Karen Cuadrado concluded this Friday that the woman suffered an “affectation” and “must be taken care of”, for which reason it provided “what is necessary for its protection“, states the decision to which he agreed The Observer after the publication of The Daily this Friday. consulted by The ObserverNúñez’s lawyer, Paola Agüero, said she will continue working on the case and gathering elements, but preferred not to make any statements.

Núñez was denounced through the Instagram account Boys Uruguay 2 on January 26. In one post, a woman described that in a meeting between her and a man in “political office,” “things ended up happening that shouldn’t have happened, things I didn’t want to do,” the post reads. “Somehow way he took advantage of me,” he concludes.

The Justice ordered at the beginning of the process “as protection measures the prohibition of communication, relationship, approach and contact of Nuñez with respect to (…), directly or through third parties and by any means with the express prohibition of being present at their home, place of work, place of study, work or others that they frequent, indicating an exclusion radius of 500 meters for a period of 180 days,” according to the previous ruling.

The complainant will now attend psychosocial care services from the Ministry of Social Development (Mides), from the Women’s Commune or the Medical Society, by judicial order. The measures will expire on October 27, 2022date on which there will be a new hearing to evaluate the current provisions.

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