A former Japanese university professor murders his wife sick with Covid and commits suicide with a ‘harakiri’ in Rome

A former Japanese university professor murders his wife sick with Covid and commits suicide with a 'harakiri' in Rome

A former Japanese university professor identified as Tetsuo Sakamoto, murdered his wife, also Japanese and sick with covid, and then committed suicide by stabbing himself with a knife in the abdomen according to the ancient traditional Japanese practice of ‘harakiri’.

The elderly couple was found dead last Thursday in the apartment where they both lived. The 91-year-old man would have crushed the skull of her wife, Eiko Sakamoto, 92, after a worsening of her clinical condition and then committed suicide in the bathtub of the house, reports the newspaper The Republic.

Former teacher murdered his wife under oriental practice

Tetsuo Sakamoto was a professor of Eastern doctrines at the University of Naples. According to the main hypothesis of the researchers, he would have decided to put an end to the suffering of his wife.

Prosecutor Antonino Di Maio is already working with two farewell letters in Japanese that the man allegedly wrote before killing his wife with a blow to the head. The letters are addressed to their son, Mario Sakamoto, and to a Filipino domestic worker with whom the couple was very close.

Covid in the world

On the other hand, although the covid remains in force in the world, countries like Ecuador announced this Thursday the end of the requirement to wear masks throughout the countrymore than two years after this regulation was implemented with the start of the covid-19 pandemic.

“I am pleased to announce that, as of today, the use of the mask will no longer be mandatory in Ecuador,” said President Guillermo Lasso.

The decision will take effect from this Thursday for both open and closed spaces.

The president took off his mask to stage the end of this obligation, which was in force since April 6, 2020, the authorities ordered its mandatory use throughout Ecuador.

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