President of the CPC launched harsh criticism of the Convention: It is being “absolutely extreme” and “not dialogic”

President of the CPC launched harsh criticism of the Convention: It is being "absolutely extreme" and "not dialogic"

The president of the Confederation of Production and Commerce (CPC), Juan Sutil, launched critical polemics towards the work being carried out by the Constitutional Convention, assuring that there are sectors, such as business, that have been marginalized from the discussion and deliberation of the organ.

“We are facing a drafting of a Constitution that is being absolutely extreme, not dialoguing. I think that is bad for the country,” said the union leader in an interview with emmol.

And it is that, according to his words, for Sutil the new Magna Carta, “can start with an original sin exactly the same, with the same sin that the Constitution of 1980 is supposed to start with”; in the sense that this “was not agreed upon by all Chileans, and that is a reality (…). This constitution will probably start with the same sin if it is approved.”

With that conviction, the leader of the CPC affirmed that he has done “profound work” to try to be part of the debate that takes place in the constituent body, with the issues related to his area, having meetings with “conventionals of all colors” .

However, “the ability to convince is practically nil, because there are many people who are very Taliban,” he said, so for Sutil it will be key to apply moderation to the process.

In this way, he summoned President Gabriel Boric, who is the one who must “call for restraint and calm. It turns out that I Approve Dignity is part of the Government, therefore, there is a pact that should moderate its way of acting within the Convention and try to find agreements,” he said.

Because despite everything, according to his statements, “there are many who want to do what Arturo Prat did, which is to go to the end, win or die” and those who make the big deals and constructions are with “people who are rational enough, who they put the common interest above the particular interest, which are not identitarian as we are seeing in the Convention,” he assured.

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