President of Peru orders the dissolution of Congress and establishes an emergency government

President of Peru orders the dissolution of Congress and establishes an emergency government


The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, issued this Wednesday to temporarily dissolve Congress and establish a national emergency government, hours before Parliament debated a vacancy motion (removal) against him that could have removed him from the head of state.

“The following measures are issued: Temporarily dissolve the Congress of the Republic and establish an exceptional emergency government,” Castillo said in a message to the nation that was not previously announced by his communications team or on his social networks.

With an evident tremor in his hands, he announced that he also dictates “to call in the shortest term elections for a new Congress with constituent powers to elaborate a new Constitution in a period not exceeding 9 months.”

He also ordered a nationwide curfew starting this Wednesday from 10:00 p.m. local time.

“The judicial system, the Judiciary, the Public Ministry, the National Board of Justice (JNJ) and the Constitutional Court (TC) are declared in reorganization,” he added.

Castillo added that “all those who possess illegal weapons must turn them in to the National Police within 72 hours” and that “whoever does not do so commits a crime punishable by imprisonment that will be established in the respective decree law.”

It also ruled that the National Police, “with the help of the Armed Forces, will dedicate their efforts to combat crime, corruption and drug trafficking, for which purpose they will be provided with the necessary resources.”

Finally, he called on all civil society institutions, peasant rounds (self-defense groups strengthened during the internal armed conflict) “and all social sectors” to come out to defend these measures.

He indicated that he will communicate this decision to the Organization of American States (OAS)

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