Pedro Castillo was on his way to the Mexican embassy, ​​but was detained for his own safety

Pedro Castillo was on his way to the Mexican embassy, ​​but was detained for his own safety

I had nowhere to go. The ex-president He was going to the Mexican embassy, ​​in the San Isidro district, together with his family when he was detained for his own safety, according to a police report to which Peru21 had access.

According to the document, PNP Colonel Walter Ramos Gómez, head of the Presidential Security Division, and PNP Commander Miguel Carpio Zúñiga, head of the Presidential Security Escort Department, were alerted by PNP Major Luis Alarcón Trujillo, head of the presidential escort , of the displacement with unknown direction of Castillo Terrones.

It details that the former president and his family boarded two vans assigned to his service. Castillo was in the first with his wife, Lilia Navarro, her youngest daughter and former Prime Minister Aníbal Torres.

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“When we were at the intersection of Av. Tacna and Av. Nicolás de Piérola, the SS PNP Nilo Aladino Irigoin Chávez –immediate security for the President, ordered the S1 PNP Josseph Michael Grandez López –driver of the EGY plate vehicle -552 (chest), go to the Embassy of Mexico, located at Av. Jorge Basadre No. 170 – San Isidro, so he continued in the direction of the headquarters of this embassy “refers.

“However, at approximately 1:35 p.m., the undersigned received a telephone call from General PNP Iván Lizzetti Salazar – Director of State Security, ordering that Mr. José Pedro Castillo Terrones be intervened by superior order, for being in flagrante delicto of the alleged crime of rebellion (article 346 of the Penal Code), abuse of authority (article 376 of the Penal Code) and violation of the Political Constitution of Peru (article 46)”Add.

The police report reveals that Castillo’s own security detained him for the alleged crimes of Rebellion and abuse of authority.

The police report indicates that the procession was arrested at the intersection of Garcilaso de la Vega and España avenues, after which Pedro Castillo was intervenedarranging for his transfer to the headquarters of the Police Region of Lima for security measures.

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“It should be noted that when the detainee was in the facilities of the Lima Police Region, Dr. Aníbal Torres Vásquez, identified with CAL registration No. 4531, stated that he was assuming the technical defense.”underline.

As recalled, with 101 votes in favor, 6 against and 10 abstentions, the Plenary of Congress approved in an early session the vacancy due to moral incapacity of Pedro Castillo.


These are the congressmen who voted against or abstained from the vacancy after the Coup d'état
The Congress of the Republic advanced the debate and the vote for the presidential vacancy after the Coup d’état. Thus, Pedro Castillo was vacated with 101 votes in favor, 6 against and 10 abstentions.

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