President of FRVS warns that breaching the reform agreement could be very detrimental to the future of progressivism

The president of the Social Green Regionalist Federation (FRVS) party, Flavia Torrealba, praised the terms of the official agreement that commits a series of reforms to the new constitutional text in case it wins the Approval, and warned that any breach will seriously damage future possibilities. of Chilean progressivism.

“The parties of the two coalitions are working seriously. It cannot be repeated, for example, the lack of good faith incurred by the right in 1989 when it did not fulfill the commitment to end the designated senators and other modifications to the Constitution of 1980”, declared the president of the FRVS in El Mercurio , who clarified that the “best endorsement in this effort” rests “in the figure of President Gabriel Boric, who has risen to the historic challenge that he had to lead.”

And he added: “If we are not capable of enforcing the agreement, then the political projection of this progressive space that is being configured is difficult.”

Also, Torrealba dismissed opposition criticism that this agreement is just a campaign act. “This agreement is not a salute to the flag. It is a concrete action to give the Approval an institutional support that should later work to broaden the legitimacy base of the constitutional norms, in a challenge to the democratic convictions of all the political forces of the country”, he pointed out.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Torrealba maintained that “nobody can guarantee that we will achieve the changes, since we will need 4/7 of the congressmen and women. But the new Congress, in addition to being very powerful, will also have the obligation to respond to a citizenry tired of abuses and betrayals”. Despite the fact that his assertion has similarities with those exposed by the president of the PC, Guillermo Teillier, Torrealba made a nuance, since “politics is also an art and has a peculiar superpower that is to make improbable scenarios possible, it was inopportune ” , although he asserted that the most important thing is that Teillier “was very actively looking for agreements throughout the conversation process.”

Likewise, the FRVS helmsman endorsed La Moneda’s decision not to extend the state of exception to the Los Ríos Region, even though “if control of public security is lost, the country will pay dearly.”

“The ideal is not to advance in more states of emergency, which by definition must be extremely exceptional. It is necessary to implement prior measures and decisive comprehensive interventions without ideological complexes”, he asserted.

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