Controversy over Colombia’s position in the Nicaragua case before the OAS

Colombia’s position of refraining from condemning the repression in Nicaragua, for what has been considered a human rights violation, by the government of Daniel Ortega, raised eyebrows in some sectors.

Former presidential candidate Sergio Fajardo spoke out harshly against this country’s decision, noting on his Twitter account that “Colombia’s position regarding the situation in Nicaragua, by refraining from condemning the aberrant and systematic violation of human rights by the Ortega government, is a great shame. Not that way”.

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And it is that with 27 votes in favor, one vote against, four abstentions and two absent countries, the OAS Permanent Council approved the resolution ‘The Situation in Nicaragua’.

However, the appointed ambassador to the OAS, former magistrate Jorge Luis Vargas, responded to the criticism and pointed out on his Twitter account that “someone began to blame us as officials without us being one yet. We have not been appointed, much At least we have presented documents for possession, but they are already charging us with omissions. Have the decency to investigate. And, I was a race judge: I only decided based on evidence!”

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A few days ago, the Petro government reported that the new ambassador to Nicaragua would be former congressman León Freddy Muñoz, who on his Twitter account stated that “with the winds of change, the doors are opening for our country to return to brotherhood in Latin America. I thank the president @petrogustavo for this designation and trust. The reestablishment of relations with Nicaragua will be a reality.”

The repression in Nicaragua has been directed in recent weeks at bodies such as the Catholic Church. It is the case of Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando Álvarez, who was held by the security forces in his curia accused of trying to destabilize the country. The priest assured that both he and a dozen people accompanying him are in good health.

“Thank God we are in good health, living in community (…) we are in the hands of God“, Álvarez said in a mass that he broadcast on Facebook, in which he added that are living the “lockdown as a spiritual retreat”, he said at the time.

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