President of Deputies calls for audits in public institutions to rule out corruption

President of Deputies calls for audits in public institutions to rule out corruption

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Following the scandal of the ghost items case in Santa Cruz, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Freddy Mamani, requested this Saturday that internal and external audits be carried out in all public institutions, in order to rule out the existence of similar incidents of corruption and make the administration transparent.

“It is important to make the administration transparent in all public institutions, because it may be that ghost items have been generated, although we hope that this is not the case. We agree that there is an internal and external audit so that it can be established in which spaces this issue of ghost items could be considered, ”said Mamani.

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The ghost items case was known in May of this year, but it became relevant a few weeks ago then Valeria Rodríguez denounced her ex-husband Antonio Parada Vaca, former director of Human Resources for the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office, of enriching himself through the creation of some 800 ghost items . Due to this fact, the Mayor of Santa Cruz estimated a loss of 35 million Bolivianos per year.

The Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant against Parada and requested Interpol to activate the Blue Notice against this citizen, since it is presumed that he escaped to Brazil through an illegal border point.

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After revealing that case, other similar complaints were subsequently made known to the Warnes Mayor’s Office with 47 phantom items and at least 80 irregular contracts in the National Health Fund (CNS). These cases are also under investigation at the Public Ministry.

Other institutions such as the Mayor’s Office of Potosí and the Gabriel René Moreno University (Uagrm) of Santa Cruz instructed internal audits to verify whether or not there were similar irregularities.

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