President of Colonization says that "it cannot be affirmed" that Manini and Moreira are colonists

President of Colonization says that “it cannot be affirmed” that Manini and Moreira are colonists


In recent hours, Search published that the INC Inspection Division inspected property No. 511, located in the 4th cadastral section of Artigas, and concluded that it belongs to retired Colonel Roque Moreira, his daughter, Minister Irene Moreira, and Senator Guido Manini. Ríos (husband of Irene Moreira).

The member of the INC Board of Directors representing the Broad Front, Andrés Berterreche, told TV Ciudad that although he did not want to get ahead of himself until the Legal Counsel makes its report, in any case “it is not disputed that they are owners, but they are owners affected by the Colonization Law without consulting the Institute.”

“That was done at a certain historical moment in this country (during the dictatorship and until 1991) and they were full-fledged mules, because they did not have certificate number 70, which is mandatory for fields that are bought and sold,” added the hierarch. .

He also recalled that in 2011 a law was approved to order this situation “which was quite chaotic” and from that, all those who had been left out were asked to regularize the situation. In this case it was not done and the first thing to do is regularize the relationship that exists with the Colonization Institute”.

wrong information

However, the president of the INC, Julio Cardozo, told El País that so far, the Board “has not concluded anything in this regard.”

“It is erroneous information, that was a confidential report and the pass to the Legal Counsel was voted with the vote against Berterreche”, he indicated.

Cardozo remarked that “it cannot be affirmed that they are settlers, because from 1971 to date there have been many changes in the interpretations of the Colonization laws.”

He considered that although the technical report addresses the possibility that they are settlers, the INC Board of Directors has doubts.

“We have already had many claims due to errors in the interpretation of our technicians. We cannot confirm that and, therefore, we ask the Legal Counsel to thoroughly study the inspection report”, he remarked.

Cardozo also said he will request an administrative investigation to determine “how information about the technical report was leaked to the press.”

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