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President of civil association denies her withdrawal as promoter

Jessica Xantomila

La Jornada newspaper
Sunday, December 19, 2021, p. 4

The president of the civil association Let Democracy continue, Gabriela Jiménez Godoy, clarified that she was not terminated as promoter of the revocation of mandate, after last Thursday, after the session of the Complaints and Complaints Commission of the National Institute Electoral (INE), such a situation is affirmed, even by institutional means.

In addition, he announced that he will continue to seek support and this Monday the association will deliver to the INE another 2 million physical signatures, which will be added to the 3 million 700 thousand that it has already contributed.

In an interview, she assured that in the agreement that was notified to her about what was resolved by the INE Commission, which ordered the cancellation of the registration of 600 assistants related to 10 promoters of this participation exercise, among them Jiménez Godoy, she was only given asks you to inform 37 assistants of your association – of 19 thousand 917 that it has registered with the institute – that their registration was canceled for presenting support that has inconsistencies, via the application prepared by the electoral body.

Given this, he said that it was very irresponsible that it was spread that she was also sanctioned, is try to confuse the public, since the civil association and Gabriela Jiménez were not discharged.

It considered that the irregularities presented in the support, including photos of non-valid credentials or photocopies of these, are linked to the functionality of the INE application. The issue of training for its use was quite a challenge and many times it is that the photo is blurred, they are not malicious things, as we have wanted to see. And he announced that they will contest the casualties.

Jiménez Godoy stressed that the number of inconsistencies, compared to valid signatures, it is very minorSince of the 61,257 sent, 7,000 show irregularities.


Regarding the INE’s decision to temporarily postpone the development of the mandate revocation process, on the grounds that it does not have sufficient resources to carry it out, it considered that the president counselor, Lorenzo Córdova Vianello, is running a boycott.

Mexican democracy is at risk and a group of officials who should be neutral act as militants of a political current.

He said that with 2 million signatures that will be delivered on Monday, there would be 6 million 600 thousand support that in general have reached the INE, adding the more than 900 thousand that it has via the application. What is required to carry out the revocation of the mandate is 2,800,000, he said.

In addition, he assured that they have 3 percent majority of the nominal list in 26 states of the Republic. He pointed out that these millions of supports is for the great acceptance of the President.

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