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April 8, 2022
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President inaugurates road doubling work in RS

President inaugurates road doubling work in RS

President Jair Bolsonaro inaugurated today (8) the duplication work of the Pelotas road bypass, on BR-116/392, in Rio Grande do Sul. Approximately R$ 690 million were invested, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure.President inaugurates road doubling work in RS

“We are concluding an important road equipment that contains 10 viaducts, three bridges and a trench”, said the Minister of Infrastructure, Marcelo Sampaio.

Sampaio recalled that duplicated highways reduce the risk of accidents. “And they significantly reduce the number of fatal accidents”, he added.


During the inauguration speech of the work, President Jair Bolsonaro said that his government made no mistakes in combating the covid-19 pandemic. He again criticized social isolation as a tool to combat covid-19 – a measure put into practice by local governments – and said that the creation of Auxílio Brasil arose from the need to address the “consequences of this wrong way of fighting the virus”.

“Each day that passes, [as pessoas] become aware that we did not make mistakes at any time in the past. We face the pandemic. When everyone thought the economy was going downhill, that didn’t happen”, said the president in Pelotas.

The president cited, as an example of his government’s success, the creation of 100,000 new jobs at the end of last year. “We had no formal unemployment in Brazil. The loss of income, which there was a lot, was among the informal, otherwise known as the invisible: those who were forced to stay at home without any income,” he said.

“Then, to deal with the consequences of the wrong way to fight the virus, which was forcing the people to stay at home, we created Auxílio Brasil”, he added after reiterating that he never had “a single store in Brazil closed”.

“This is a government that was not on the side of political correctness, with a president who had the courage to take a stand,” he emphasized.

According to data released yesterday (7) by the Ministry of Health, the covid-19 pandemic resulted in the death of 660,973 people in Brazil, with a total of 30,093,751 cases of infection.


Bolsonaro once again raised suspicions about the Brazilian electoral process. “We are nothing without freedom. Today, two or three people want to steal our freedom. They won’t be able to”, said the president right at the beginning of his speech.

“You can be sure: there are few people from Brasília who are in charge. But none of them rule them all. The votes, on the occasion of the October elections, will be counted. We are not obliged to believe in two or three people as if they own the truth. The truth is with your people, and the biggest army in Brazil, which is you, is with us too. You can be sure: with God and the people, we will change the destiny of Brazil”, he said after saying “comforted” that there was “no communist sitting” in the chair of president of Brazil.

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