President Gustavo Petro criticized the reconstruction of Providencia

Petro ads in Providencia

After his visit to the island of Providencia, the president emphasized the need to promote the island as one of the most prominent and important destinations in the Antilles, on factors other than tourism.

We do believe that San Andrés and Providencia should be our center in the Caribbean and the Greater and Lesser Antilles. Part of the failures that Bogotá has had in defending our sovereignty have to do with the mistrust that the people who have run the country must have felt with the fact of giving autonomy to the Raizal people,” Petro said in his speech on the island.

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That is why he explained that It is important to take into account the culture of its inhabitants.s to continue with the reconstruction and that this is focused on their needs and future.

“The issue of fishing seems fundamental to me, because it is about building an economy. You had a bread-based one that was destroyed in the hurricane. That has not been taken into account in the reconstruction, the reconstruction only thought of concrete. When you think concretely, you think of contracts”added the president.

In addition to this, the leader of the Historical Pact He also proposed having Raizal ambassadors and consuls in each consulate of the Antilles except in Cuba, taking into account that it was the country selected for the development of the peace talks with the ELN.

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“That means you have to choose Raizal people to put in the different consulates and embassies that are in the Antilles. Perhaps, the only one that could be more of a national type due to the circumstances of the negotiations, is Cuba. But for the rest, ambassadors and consuls from Raizales have to be appointed,” Petro specified.

In this way, the Government would bet on a new economy that would not be based on tourism, but in other areas and that would also be focused on defending the sovereignty of the waters of Colombia.

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