President Dina Boluarte met with directors of the Peruvian Press Council

President Dina Boluarte met with directors of the Peruvian Press Council

The President of the Republic, met this morning with representatives of the (CPP) who, upon leaving the Government Palace, indicated that the president is willing to sign the Chapultepec Declaration, which, in essence, commits the Peruvian government to guarantee respect for free expression and free media Communication.

“The president shows total openness and understanding of the role of the media and that includes (the members of) her cabinet. We have left her the Chapultepec Declaration, the ten principles, and she asked for time to review them and the answer would be given the first week of January. (…) She knows the limitations, we show her the principles, but she already has all the willingness to sign it, ”Mohme commented.

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Likewise, he said that the directors of the CPP expressed to the Head of State their “concern about the unfortunate deaths in the protests” after the coup attempt by Pedro Castillo, as well as for the integrity of the journalists in those areas where they have registered. the excesses so that “they can carry out their work”.

Asked by the journalists whether the issue of the so-called alternative press and the disinformation work it carries out was addressed at the meeting, the president of the Peruvian Press Council said that it was not discussed.

However, I comment that “we believe that there is plurality, that all the media should be able to report what is happening in the country.”

“I think the president understands the role of the press to be the channel between citizens and power, in the transparency that must exist in its management, in the accountability that she and all her ministers must give and we would believe that it will to mark a change between what was the presidency of (Pedro) Castillo and hers,” he said.


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