President Cortizo installs Council for Monitoring and Compliance with the Law for the Protection of the Agricultural Sector

The President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, installed this afternoon and the Monitoring and Compliance Council of the State Agri-Food Policy Law (PADE), which provides, for the first time, security to the country’s agricultural production for the next 25 years.

The head of the Executive, in the company of the Minister of Agricultural Development, Augusto Valderrama, swore in the Council, which is made up of 29 members, 19 from sectors of organized civil society.

Cortizo Cohen stated that this Council assumes an important mission for the country and, in particular, for the men and women who give themselves every day to the difficult task of making the fields produce.

“The purposes of the agri-food policy are framed within the agenda to promote the country’s competitiveness and sustainable development, and one of those purposes is to promote the sustainability of the agricultural sector to achieve food security and sovereignty for Panamanians as a pillar of the national development,” said the president.

He added that another purpose is to improve living conditions in rural communities by giving stability to the agricultural sector to offer rural people greater opportunities for growth.

Cortizo Cohen, who is confident that the work of this Council will be carried out responsibly and efficiently, took the opportunity to ask its members to assume this mission “with a high degree of commitment, integrity and full awareness of the importance of their work for the well-being of all Panamanians”.

The Monitoring and Compliance Council is consigned in chapter 2 of the PADE Law, and is the guarantor of the productive and official sector so that what is contained in the law is complied with on time and under conditions for the benefit of the agricultural sector.

The PADE Law gives stability to the agricultural sector for the next 25 years, protects it from political fluctuations and encourages the generation of employment and wealth in the productive areas of the country.

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